Wednesday, October 12, 2011

        On Monday, the 10th of October, 2011 we inaugurated CENSA for this academic year. The occasion was presided over by the our beloved principal His Excellency Dr. N.A.Jnanesh. We also had the presence of Mr. Vivek.R.P. to grace the gathering as the Chief Guest. Other dignitaries to bear the dais were: Prof. Ujwal.U.J.-President, CENSA and Head, Department of CS & IS, KVGCE; Prof. Rajesh.D.S.-our Treasurer; Mr. Ezaz Sheikh- The Vice-President as well as Mr. Anil Gowda- The Secratary General.
        The association was inaugurated with the following office bearers:
President                                              Prof. Ujwal U J
Treasurer                                              Mr. Rajesh D S
Coordinator                                          Mr. Balapradeep K N
Staff Advisor                                        Ms. Kanmani
                                                                        Mr. Sonu Singh Yadav
Vice President
Mr. Ezaz Shaikh
7th A
General Secretary
Mr. Anil Gowda
5th A
Joint Secretary
Ms. Mrudula KS
3rd A
Cultural Secretary
Ms. Shruthi GH
7th B
Joint Cultural Secretary
Mr. Sachin DN
5th B
Ms. Rashmi
3rd B
Technical Secretary
Mr. Chetan Kumar Shetty
7th B
Joint Technical Secretary
Mr. Raghavendra N
5th B
Ms. Nischitha
5th A
Sports Secretary
Mr. Dilipkumar HS
7th A
Joint Sports Secretary
Mr. Harshith PV
3rd A
Mr. Suraj Pai
7th B
Joint Editors
Mr. Deekshith Shetty U
5th A
Mr. Shathanu
3rd B
Event coordinator
Ms. Deepika Vishwanath
7th A
Joint Event coordinator
Ms. Swathi M
5th B

<INCENSE.h>the second half of the day, post noon was a fun packed evening with the freshers taking its toll. The seniors and super seniors had fun in playing with them on stage. The day ended on an exciting note by electing the Mr. and Miss. Freshers and all of us tapping the feet in unison. Thanks to Mr. Balapradeep, Mr. Sonu Singh, Mr. Kishor Kumar, and Mr. Krishna Mohan for staying with us through the evening. Special thanks to Mr. Vivek.R.P, for his valuable feedback and continuous presence. 

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